The Sweetest Blessings Bakery

Baked with Love and a Pinch of Sweetness

About Us

How it all started


Growing up in the south, I was surrounded by some wonderful cooks and amazing food!  Maybe it was the sweet tea I have grown up on that has placed a permanent sweet tooth within me, but it is through my time in the kitchen with my mother and her sisters that really cultivated my love for baking and the different flavors that can be created.

So the cupcakes, huh?


The Sweetest Blessings Bakery came to be by accident, as it was a joke.  I had made chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes for a school event, and people began congratulating me on my new business and asking where I opened a bakery.  I was a bit shocked by the responses, but I then thought, "Why not?!?"  So here I am baking away, creating fun and savory flavors for many others to enjoy!

Cupcakes are special


All of my cupcakes are made to order.  Therefore, the cupcakes are fresh and ready for those tastebuds to be satisfied.  From the many flavors, there is a flavor to please almost anyone.  What is even more special?  There are more flavors to be created!  And I am always looking to add to my cupcake list of flavors.  So keep an eye out for those new cupcakes!